Why Your Church Needs a Video Wall

  • A video wall is a large display that’s made up of LED or LCD panels to display high-definition images.
  • A video wall in a church is beneficial because they last longer than projection screens, save on energy costs, and more. 
  • Choose Vox Video Walls for a video wall installation in your church. 

If technology rests in the palm of your hands, why not use it? Churches aren’t usually sites where a lot of technology is implemented, but a powerful tool that is gaining popularity in houses of worship is the video wall. A video wall works well to deliver messages in an engaging way and churches across the nation are increasingly adopting them

What Is A Video Wall?

A video wall is a large display consisting of multiple screens tiled together to form one large visual surface. These walls are often made up of LED or LCD panels and can display high-definition images and videos, making them an excellent medium for visual communication.

Why Are Churches Using Video Walls?

Video walls can ultimately help make sermons more dynamic and engaging. You can put not only the sermon on these live video walls, but also anything including sermon notes, live feeds, song lyrics, and much more. With interactive and vibrant content displays like this, church audiences can experience the sermon in a way they never have before. Here are some of the top reasons why churches are using video walls.

Video Walls Last Longer Than Projectors

Unlike traditional projectors, which can require regular maintenance and suffer from diminished power over time, video walls maintain their original quality for longer. They stay consistently brighter and clearer which reduces costly maintenance upkeeps as well as unwanted downtime.

Video Walls Are Easier To See

Video walls offer superior visibility compared to projectors. The size of the video wall is meant to be legible in detail from both far away and near the screen with equal acuity. Video helps ensure that everyone has the same access to and the same quality experience of the sermon.

Video Walls Save On Energy Costs

Energy efficiency is another significant advantage of video walls. Video walls typically use less electricity than projectors. This results in lower energy bills as well as reducing the environmental footprint of your church. A win-win for everyone involved.

Easier To Provide Church Information

Video walls make it easier not just to display the sermon, but to show any other type of information as well. Whether it’s displaying sermon content or upcoming events, a video wall can help ensure that important information is accessible to everyone, in a revolutionary way. Here are some examples of the type of content that will be better remembered by your congregation.

Church Bulletins

Church bulletins are a regular and steady part of the churchgoing experience. So why not display it in a manner that ensures that nobody misses its important details? Digital bulletins on a video wall are an excellent way to keep the congregation informed.

Displaying Hymn Lyrics

Displaying hymn lyrics on a video wall can enhance the worship experience by allowing the congregation to follow along effectively and easily. Gone will be the need to keep guessing what page you should be on and where you are in the hymn. This approach creates a more unified and richer experience for the congregation.

Displaying Bible Verses

With a video wall, it is easy to display Bible verses during sermons. Displaying bible verses on a video wall allows the congregation to follow along with the scripture readings as well as allow the pastor to switch between different bible verses with ease. This will lead to an enhanced understanding and engagement with the message.

Video Walls Appeal To A Younger Generation

Modern, tech-savvy younger generations will appreciate the use of video technology when trying to learn a message. Video walls align well with the multimedia-rich world that younger people are accustomed to, making church services more appealing to this demographic.

How To Choose The Right Video Wall For Your Church

Video walls come in all shapes & sizes. When selecting a video wall for your church, consider the following factors:

Available Wall Space

Evaluate the size of the wall where the video wall will be installed. Ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the video wall without overwhelming the space.

Viewing Distance

Consider the distance from which the congregation will view the video wall. The view of the video wall should be equally visible from all seating areas in the front, middle, and back of the nave.

Type Of Content To Be Displayed

Think about the type of content you will display. Whether it’s video feeds, text, or images, ensure that the video wall can handle the resolution and format of your content.


Lastly, consider your budget. Video walls can vary significantly in cost, so it’s essential to find a solution that meets your needs without exceeding your financial constraints. A good video wall company will work with you to get the best equipment available for your budget.

Choose VOX Video Walls For Your Church’s Video Wall

A video wall can be a transformative addition to your church. It can add clarity and levels of detail that can make the worship experience even more vivid and transformative. It can also bring the congregation together in a way unseen before. If you are ready to find out more about a video wall for your church, reach out to the professionals at VOX Video Walls in OKC. We specialize in working with many types of places of worship to create an engaging experience for your congregation. We encourage you to visit us in person so you can see the true power a video wall can bring. Take your church to the next level by investing into a video wall today.

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