What Is The Purpose Of A Video Wall?

  • Video Walls are a collection of display screens that have the purpose of seamlessly displaying high quality images or videos.
  • Video walls use long lasting equipment with low to no bevels to create a stunning seamless image for a variety of purposes.
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Video walls have quickly become a massively popular way to transform your space. They employ state of the art screen technology to create the illusion of one large image by combining multiple smaller displays. Video walls can be customized to fit just about any space. They also come in a variety of resolutions with special hardware that makes operating them a breeze. Video walls are a perfect addition to any business, organization, or institution looking to make a bold statement. While the dazzling images certainly look amazing, you may still be wondering what exactly you can use a video wall for?

What Is A Video Wall

Before we jump into discussing what is the purpose of a video wall, what is a video wall? A video wall is a collection of smaller LCD or LED screens that are placed next to each other to create the illusion of one larger screen. Each display will show a section of the image, and together across all of the screens, it will appear as one continuous image! A video wall allows for spaces of all sizes to be displays. The flexibility and endless customization options make video walls a great choice for businesses and institutions of all sizes looking to reinvigorate their space. 

Uses & Purpose Of A Video Wall

The purpose of a video wall is to display an image over a space larger than a typical TV or single monitor. There are a variety of different reasons why a business, institution, or organization might want to install a video wall. 

Display High Quality Content

Video walls excel at displaying their video content in bright colors and high resolution. They use state of the art video technology to seamlessly and stunningly show high quality content. A video wall can be used to display any video content you can imagine! 

A Platform To Distribute Information

A common use for a video wall is in a busy lobby, terminal, or similar space to display necessary information. You are much less likely to miss your flight if it’s displayed on a high quality video wall. Outside of transportation, you might also see video walls in command centers that show live traffic and emergency notifications in a way nobody can miss. 


What better way to catch the eyes of passing customers than with a bright and colorful video wall? They are commonly used to display products in services in an engaging and dazzling manner through the high tech display technology. The possibilities are endless, and there are even options to incorporate interactive advertising into the video walls as well!


A TV can only get so big. Video walls are perfect for when event venues or other similar spaces want to display movies, live footage, or any other type of entertainment on a larger than life screen. From small displays in churches and restaurants to massive sports and live music screens, a video wall is one of the best ways to ensure your audience stays engaged and entertained. 

Types Of Technology Used On Video Walls

Video walls are relatively new thanks to advancements in video technology. They may seem simple, but there is an army of technology that goes into creating and operating a video display. Thankfully, there are professional video wall installers like Vox Video Walls who have already developed video wall setups that last a long time and are easy to use. 

Long Lasting Equipment

Most clients will want their video walls to work reliably with almost no maintenance for a long time. Therefore, video walls are able to withstand years of use. They are also with future-proofing and long term serviceability in mind so that they will require minimal to zero repairs for a long time. 

Low To No Bezels

The image across all of the displays is made all the more convincing by the reduction of the bevels on the sides of the individual screens. The thinner the bevel, or the border surrounding the screen itself, the more seamless the image looks. Some video walls are even beveless, and look completely seamless across all of the screens. 

Daisy Chaining

Another purpose of a video wall is daisy chaining. Displaying a moving image across multiple screens requires a lot of digital information. Thankfully instead of having to plug every screen into a computer, video walls have the ability to daisy-chain. This means that only one screen plugs into the computer, while each additional screen is simply plugged into the previous one. 

Improved Video & Graphic Software

A video wall is only as impressive as its software will allow. Current video walls come equipped with extremely vertisle and high tech software that allows you to fully customize what is displayed. This software is bundled with an easy to use controller that makes changing the image surprisingly easy. 

Components Of A Video Wall

Like there are many purposes of a video wall, there are multiple technological components of a video wall. The video wall technology works in tandem to create the dazzling images on a video wall. The screens themselves have to be mounted and connected with power and video cables. The displays must also be connected to a controller with special software that allows the images to display correctly.

Display Screens

The most important part of a video wall is the displays themselves. They come in a huge variety of different resolutions, shapes, and sizes for every type of video wall. The number of screens, and type of screens you may need depends on the budget and project requirements.

Video Wall Controllers

In order to ensure that each individual screen displays the right section of video at the right time, a controller with special video wall software is necessary. This technology may seem complex, but luckily there is a very intuitive interface for making small adjustments as needed. There are actually two different types of video wall controllers that each have their own special use cases.

Software Controllers

Software controllers use an external computer and run a specialized software to control the video wall. Once the video wall is properly connected to the computer, you will be able to easily control what is displayed from the software.

Hardware Controllers

Instead of an external computer, hardware controllers make use of a built-in device for storage and operation. These devices, unlike computers, are especially for controlling video walls. Hardware controllers are typically much more powerful and are capable of running just about any video wall at peak performance, big or small.

Mounting Hardware

Lastly, there is quite a bit of hardware that goes into properly hanging the displays. Having a secure foundation that you can attach the screens to is an essential part of creating the seamless image across the video wall.

Is A Video Wall Worth It?

A video wall can transform almost any space with its stunning image quality and eye catching looks. They have the added benefit of being able to display important information in real time. Video walls also serve as the perfect method to showcase high quality video and images. Overall, video walls can serve a large variety of functions. They can be customized to fit almost any budget or space requirements. A video wall can be a great way to boost marketing, keep your customers or clients well informed, or simply provide live entertainment to a large group of people in impressive fashion.

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