The Advantages Of Video Walls

  • Video Walls are a collection of display screens that are used to seamlessly display high quality images or videos.
  • There are many advantages of video walls including improving communication and creating immersive experiences. 
  • Have your next stunning video wall installed by Vox Video Walls.

Have you ever walked into an office, airport, or other busy public space and were greeted by a dazzling video display? Vibrant colors and bright images flash smoothly from screen to screen in perfect harmony. Video walls, in any shape or form, are impressive vehicles to display anything you can imagine. They offer a host of benefits besides simply being an eye catching part of a space. Catching your attention is just one of the advantages of video walls. 

What’s a Video Wall?

A video wall is a term used to describe two or more screens that are placed next to each other to create the illusion of one, larger, cohesive screen. The edges of the screens, or bevels, are minimized if not completely removed to allow for a more seamless image across screens. Even though the video panels are connected together, they can still individually show their own unique video or image. Video walls come in all shapes and sizes from small restaurant menus to video walls that take up entire rooms! A video wall is useful in a variety of ways. With video walls, you’re able to display important information, act as a wow factor in a space, or even strengthen your brand.

Top 5 Advantages of Video Walls

Video walls have become an extremely popular technology in recent years due to their many advantages. They are exceptionally customizable with a variety of sizes and screen types to choose from for any budget or space requirements. They offer an unparalleled method to convey information and display images and video that are sure to garner attention.

1. Streamline Operations With Sophisticated Technology

A vital part of every corporation or organization, is the need to send and process information at an efficient rate. Important updates, recent financial figures, and company policy updates can be easily and conveniently displayed on a stunning video wall. Instead of having your employees sift through mountains of information, consolidate and streamline important data onto one screen. Having a video wall can help improve your day to day operations, and help overall communication as well.

2. Enhance Communication and Collaboration

A video wall acts as a perfect way to display up-to-date information in high traffic areas, or in smaller areas like meeting spaces. Internal communication becomes quick and easy with an eye catching video wall. The many possible configurations allows for a vast amount of possible layouts that can show multiple data sources simultaneously. Some video walls feature interactive elements like touch screens or video cameras. This makes it even easier to establish engaging two way communication from anywhere within your business.

3. Elevate Impact With High Quality Visualizations

Exciting visualizations can only do so much when displayed on a small screen. Whenever you show those same visuals on a video wall, it instantly elevates those images to a stunning degree. Ultra High Definition or UHD video walls with high frame rates can show bright, colorful, and dazzling images. Many modern video walls use advanced technology to perfectly sync up the screens so that you won’t be able to tell how many screens there are! A video wall is a perfect way to transform any space into an engaging and beautiful work of art.

4. Customizable Video Wall Configurations

One of the biggest advantages of a video wall is their near endless amount of possible configurations. From smaller video walls to ones that span across rooms and are made up of hundreds of screens. You can also easily create video walls that not only fit your space, but also support the content you are going to display on it. Video walls also offer impressive durability, able to be placed in high touch areas, and even outdoors in the rain and sun. When done well, a video wall will feel completely integrated into a space and transform it into something spectacular.

5. Create Immersive Experiences

The power of immersive storytelling comes to life through dazzling video walls. Interactive elements, like touch screen feedback or video, can also fully captivate the audience and bring your story to life. Since video walls are bigger than a normal TV or touchscreen display, they are instantly better at drawing in the user and encouraging them to stay and view the message, content, or products being presented. A detailed and beautiful video will be displayed through bright colors and smooth motion that will further immerse viewers into their experience. 

Choose Vox Video Walls To Install Your Video Wall

Now that you know the advantages of video walls, you can make an informed decision. Is a video wall the right product for you? Are you looking to transform your space with a dazzling video wall? Vox Video Walls are the experts when it comes to installing custom video walls for any space. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your video wall is perfect for your budget. We offer a wide selection of video wall technologies that make it easy to operate and update your video walls on a moment’s notice. If you want to start searching for a video wall, begin by scheduling a free consultation with us. One of our experienced video wall installers will get back to you shortly with more information on the advantages of video walls! 

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